We are one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture and distribution of industrial cutting tools, offering a catalog of more than 65,000 products in tools for drilling, milling, threading and turning; reamers, countersinks, rotary burrs, tool holders and a productive line of indexable inserts, among others. We have different types of coating for each type of material and to meet the needs of the industry.

With almost 40 years in the global market having South Korea as the central office, and a presence in Mexico for more than a decade, our products, which maintain a tight level of quality inspection and are backed by the following standards: ISO-14001 ISO-9001 ISO-13485, have managed to fully meet the expectations of our consumers, to achieve a continuous development in our customers by reducing costs per unit on their production lines.

We have a national production of drills and end mills, all with export quality as we have advanced machinery and high technology in our facilities. Our headquarter in Mexico is strategically located in El Marqués, Querétaro, and with authorized distributors and sales representatives throughout the entire Mexican Republic.

Our philosophy, based on transforming risks into opportunities, has allowed us a constant development over the years. Behind YG-1 theres an infinite dedication and effort in the development of new and better tools adapted to the needs of each of our clients


Founded in 1981, YG-1 has grown to be a strong and firm company recognized globally in the cutting tool industry.

With outstanding human resources and distinguished technology, YG-1 is always looking towards the future.


Satisfaction to customers, hapiness to all.


For your better life, global No.1, YG-1